With Aadhaar, what is the A.P.A. Payments System?

The NPCI enabled payment system is a way to make financial transactions with a mobile phone and no need for a debit or credit card. AEPS Portal, Service, Dogma. AEPS Department.

Integrated payment system. AEPS-PSD Environmental Systems, AEPS-PSD Technology, Dogma AEPS Department. You can use your card to pay by providing a photograph and fingerprint.

Dogma Partner was responsible for working with any Indian bank on deals.

Signing a withdrawal authorization application or a debit card is necessary.

Transactions can legally, financially will be completed legally.

The system is quick and effective. you can replicate a fingerprint.

  • You can access the rural zone with this ATM. The Dogma AEPS Department, an organization that can go through the bush.

Link your Aadhaar card to both receive and send money by means of a merchant discount rate (MDR).

  • Payment processing.

Equilibrium Learning.

The act of depositing or withdrawing money.

  • Intra-bank transfer of funds.

How do we work?

  • Dogma partner registers for an Aadhar card, and then installs it on their AEPS portal, AEPS service, Dogma AEPS department ATM, or mobile device.
  • The device that used to be used to make payments now becomes a method of payment.
  • The customer utilizes their thumbprint to prove their identity.
  • Operators’ accounts in real-time and users’ Dogma wallets are debited. Dogma AEPS Department’s accounts are credited.

Consumers engage in cashless purchases.

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